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1st May 2018

What’s the differences between Bio Sculpture, CND Shellac and O.P.I Polish?

We often get asked, What is the differences between Bio Sculpture, CND Shellac and O.P.I Polish? And which one is best? The first question is fairly easy to explain, however, it depends on what you want to achieve from your manicure/pedicure to which works best for you; and why we offer all three at the spa!
We’ve listed below the key differences to help you choose.

Bio Sculpture is a gel that is applied with a brush and can add strength to weak nails, It can also be extended to give you extra length, if desired. Key Benefits include:
• Promotes the growth of natural nails
• Soak Off in 10-20 minutes
• Perfect for thin or weak nails
• Great for nail biters
• Does not stain
• No chip nail colour
• Stronger than normal gel polish
• No Dehydration of natural Nail required
• Can be extended
• Incredible Strength for natural nails
• Can be used to repair nails
• 100% Vegan
• No Animal testing
• 5 Star Safety rating
• Flexible so will not crack, tear or splinter
• Can last from 2-4 weeks before infills
• No fumes compared with acrylics

CND Shellac is a hybrid polish and is applied the same as a regular nail polish but then cured under a UV light to strengthen and prevent chipping.
• 14-day chip free nail polish
• Applied like a polish with the durability of gel making sure your nails still look as good as when you left the salon.
• Vast choice of colours
• Cured using a UV light so instant dry, unlike traditional nail polish.
• Unlike your regular manicure shellac will not smudge, chip or scuff.
• Helps promote healthy nail growth
• Soaks off in 10 minutes
• Natural look combined with the shine associated with gel nails.

O.P.I Polish is a durable polish we also have the Nail Envy range to keep your nails strong and healthy. Below are some of the benefits
O.P.I Manicure
• Exfoliation-Improve skin texture and hard skin removal.
• Cuticle work-promotes healthy nail growth and the polish goes on more even.
• Massage- Improves circulation
• Prevents premature aging of hands
• Hands and nails look polished
O.P.I Pedicure
Along with the cosmetic reasons for getting your pedicure done there are many other benefits.
Key benefits of a pedicure
• Promotes Circulation-The massage is the best part of having a pedicure as well as relaxing the health benefits are increases blood circulation and can reduce pain and swelling
in the feet.
• Hard Skin Removal-Exfoliation of dead skin cells can help to prevent bunions or corns which can be painful. The removal of dead skin encourages new cells growth to create
smoother and more attractive feet.
• Properly cut toe nails-this helps to prevent ingrowing nails and the appearance looks a lot nicer when the nails are cut straight across.
• Cuticles-Overgrown cuticles can make your feet look dry and untidy.
• Relaxation-our standard pedicures include a massage which is deeply relaxing as well as helping your circulation
• Early detection of any nail or skin conditions.

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