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4th July 2018


Whether your jetting off somewhere exotic or staying at home, get yourself summer ready with a few of these handy tips!

Exfoliate, this is to remove dead skin cells and creates a smooth glowing surface on the skin, you can either use and in shower exfoliator (try and stay clear of exfoliators that contain oil if you are tanning after as this can leave a film on the skin and prevent the tan from sticking) exfoliating gloves are great always working in circular motions concentrating on dry areas such as elbows and knees.

Hair Removal
When thinking about putting a bikini on you want to feel confident, and hair free. Waxing gives you a smooth long lasting finish (lasts up to 3 weeks) whereas shaving would have to be done daily which can leave your skin feeling irritated and a risk of cuts, so leave the razor at home and be worry free on holiday. You should wax a few days prior to your holiday this is to ensure skin has calmed down, pours are closed and your all set with silky smooth skin.

Time to Tan…
If you are looking to get that perfect tan all year-round St. Tropez classic and express spray tans are definitely a good idea! St.Tropez is an intelligent tanning application, matching to the user’s skin tone, the spray reacts with your amino acids to develop into a shade that is natural. Meaning no more luminous orange tans!! We also recommend that you Make look after your tan by exfoliating every 2-3 days and keep your skin moisturised as this will help your tan fade evenly.

Perfectly polished hands and toes
This is a must to complete your summer look, whether you’re on the way to the beach or to a summer wedding, your hands and toes finish off any look. If you opt for our O.P.I express manicure your cuticles will be pushed back, nails shaped and polish of your choice applied. Or, if you’re looking for a longer lasting manicure and pedicure you could opt for Shellac CND which usually lasts around two weeks. Shellac is a hybrid polish that is cured under the lamp so it dries instantly. No waiting around and no smudging!

Looking to save? We have an array of summer spa packages to tempt you, call us on 01565 880040 for more information

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