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  • Elemis Facials

    Anti-aging Boitec Facial
    Line Eraser Facial£70.00
    Firm-a-lift Facial£70.00
    Anti-pigment Brightener Facial £65.00
    Skin Resurfacer Facial *£65.00
    Biotec Skin Solutions Facials
    Radiance Renew Facial £60.00
    Blemish Control Facial£60.00
    Sensitive Skin Soother Facial £60.00
    Biotec Add On Treatments
    Biotec Eye Treatment£35.00
    Biotec Neck Treatment £35.00
    Skin Solutions
    Skin Specific Facials£45.00
    Add Steam£5.00
    Anti-Ageing Facials
    Pro Collagen Age Defy Facial£65.00
    Pro Definition Lift & Contour Facial£65.00
    Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peeling Facial £65.00
    White Brightening Pigment £65.00
    Perfector Facial£65.00
    Skin Solution Facials
    Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial£60.00
    Sensitive Skin Soother Facial£60.00
    Anti-Blemish Mattify And Calm Facial£60.00
  • Elemis Massages & Body

    Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage
    Full Body, Face & Scalp£65.00
    Full body£50.00
    Back Neck & Shoulder£35.00
    Aromatherapy Massage
    Full Body£50.00
    Back Neck & Shoulder£35.00
    Swedish Massage
    Full Body£50.00
    Back Neck & Shoulder£35.00
    Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage
    Full Body, Face & Scalp£75.00
    Full Body£60.00
    Back Neck & Shoulder£45.00
    Powered Poultice Release Massage£60.00
    Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub£40.00
    Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap£50.00
    Thousand Flower Detox Wrap£50.00
    Target Toning Tightening Treatment£70.00
    Focus On One Area £35.00
    Face & Body Duo’s
    Couture Touch£65.00
    Couture Touch Ritual£95.00
    Couture Technology Ritual£105.00
  • Mother to be

    Peaceful Pregnancy Massage£65.00
    Peaceful Pregnancy Face and Body Experience£110.00
  • Elemis for Men

    High Performance Skin Energiser £60.00
    Biotec Super-Charge Facial For Men£65.00
    Aromatherapy Massages
    Full Body£50.00
    Back Neck & Shoulder £35.00
    Powered Poultice Release Massage£60.00
    Swedish Massage
    Full Body£50.00
    Back Neck & Shoulder £35.00
    Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage
    Full Body, Face & Scalp £65.00
    Full Body£50.00
    Back Neck & Shoulder £35.00
    Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage
    Full Body, Face & Scalp £75.00
    Full Body£60.00
    Back Neck & Shoulder £45.00
    Couture Touch Ritual £95.00
    Waxing for Men
    Chest Wax £25.00
    Back Wax£25.00
    Shoulders Wax£15.00
    Forearm Wax£18.00
    Eyebrow Wax£10.00
  • St Tropez Tanning

    Classic Spray Tan£23.00
    Half Body Classic Spray Tan£15.00
    Express Spray Tan£25.00
    Half Body Express Spray Tan£17.00
    Add Exfoliation To Any Spray Tan £10.00
    Full Body Lotion Tan£35.00
    Half Body Lotion Tan£25.00
  • Waxing

    Strip Waxing
    Full Leg Wax£28.00
    Full Leg + Bikini Wax£35.00
    Half Leg Wax£20.00
    Forearm Wax£18.00
    Underarm Wax£12.00
    Lip Or Chin Wax£10.00
    Lip & Chin Wax£15.00
    Eyebrow Wax£10.00
    Chest Or Back Wax£25.00
    Shoulders Wax£15.00
    Non-Strip Hot Wax
    Bikini Wax£18.00
    High Bikini Wax£20.00
  • Nails

    Bio Sculpture
    Bio Sculpture Overlays Hands Or Feet£35.00
    Bio Sculpture Soak Off + Overlays£40.00
    Bio Sculptured Nails £45.00
    Shellac Overlays Hands Or Feet £27.00
    Shellac Overlays + Manicure £50.00
    Shellac Overlays + Pedicure£55.00
    Shellac Soak Off Hands/Feet£11.00
    Shellac Soak Off + Overlays Hands or Feet£33.00
    Nail Repairs ( Per Nail ) £2.50
    Intensive Hard Skin Removal£20.00
    Add Intensive Hardskin Removal To Your Pedicure £10.00
    Add Chrome Effect Finish£5.00
    Opi Express Manicure £20.00
    Opi Manicure £28.00
    Opi Deluxe Manicure£38.00
    Opi Express Pedicure£24.00
    Opi Pedicure£32.00
    Opi Deluxe Pedicure£42.00
    File & Polish Fingers Or Toes£14.00
    Re-Varnish Fingers Or Toes £12.00
  • Eye treatments

    Eyebrow Tint£10.00
    Eyelash Tint*£15.00
    Lash & Brow Tint*£20.00
    Party Lashes From: £15.00
    Eyebrow Wax £10.00
    * Patch Test Required
    Lash Lift£40.00
    Express Lash Extensions - Glam40.00
    Express Lash Extensions - natural35.00
    Express Lash Removal£10.00
    Microblading £175.00
  • Treatment Courses

    All Treatments Are 60 Minutes Each Unless Otherwise Stated
    Anti Ageing Biotec Facials
    Firm A Lift (Course Of 10) £630.00
    Line Eraser (Course Of 10) £630.00
    Skin Resurfacer (Course Of 6) £351.00
    Anti Pigment Brightener (Course Of 6) £351.00
    Skin Solutions Facials
    (Course Of 6)£324.00
    Radiance Renew
    Sensitive Skin Soother
    Blemish Control
    Super Charge Facial For Men
    (Course Of 6)£351.00
    Advanced Anti Ageing Facials
    (Course of 5)£351.00
    Pro Definition Lift & Contour (75 Minutes Each)
    Pro Collagen Age Defy (75 Minutes Each)
    Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel
    White Brightening Pigment Perfector
    Massage (Course Of 6)
    Swedish Or Aromatherapy Body Massages £270.00
    Body Treatments (Course Of 6)
    Thousand Flower Detox Wrap£270.00
    Target Toning Tightening Treatment (90 Minutes Each)£378.00
  • Packages

    Total Body Indulgence
    Full Body Aromatherapy Massage, Skin Specific Facial, Manicure Or Pedicure£115.00
    Body Detox
    Thousand Flower Detox Wrap And Superfood Pro Radiance Facial£105.00
    Holiday Essentials
    St.Tropez Express Spray Tan, Express Pedicure, Full Set Of Shellac Ovelays.£75.00
    Peaceful Pregnancy Massage And Pedicure£95.00

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