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13th August 2017

Setting Goals

A few ways of helping you reach your fitness goal.

First of all, choosing a goal is the most important step and how big or small is up to you. Remember that going to the gym is a goal in its self, everyone is different and your goals should be too.

Some examples are:

  • Lifting your own body weight (eg pullup or press up)
  • Run a certain distance (5K, 10K half marathon etc)
  • Work out regularly
  • Get in shape for a holiday


This must be realistic, if your goal is to run a marathon then the training will be a lengthy process, in the same sense you don’t want your goal to feel too distant. Three months is a good amount of time for smaller goals with mini goals set to shorter timeframes within this, put the quick win goal and overall goal date in your phone or diary so you can track and see how far you have come.

Set a routine

The hardest part about a goal is keeping on track, routine is key it can take a few weeks to get in to, but once you are set up you will reap the benefits. Consistency is important when you are trying to meet a target, one workout or one good meal is not going to get you anywhere, but consistent healthy eating will, or training regularly and you’ll soon beat your PB. Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you need help to set out a routine either with exercise or diet please ask an instructor.

Staying on track

Set reminders in your phone, notes on your mirror, work with a personal trainer, or attend classes to keep you motivated. Seek advice from someone in the gym. If your aiming to loose ‘weight’ or body fat try not to weigh yourself. Measure your body fat percentage or measure your waist. Scales are not always the best way as muscle weighs more than fat in proportion.

Always remember Progress is impossible without change.


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