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4th July 2018

Everything you need to know about Lash Lifts

So, Lash Lift, what is it? What is involved? Is it better than lash extensions? & What is the Aftercare?

A lash lift lifts each individual eyelash, this is a form or perming unlike like the old-school eyelash perming where the lashes were curled round losing the length, the lashes are combed on to a raised silicone shield and the solution is applied. Lashes are then tinted to give the appearance of longer thicker lashes. Meaning no mascara, no messing just perfect long lashes.

What’s involved?
This is a closed eye treatment, so it is relaxing from start to finish and takes around 45 minutes

1. To start a full consultation will be carried out to decide on the look you would like.
2. lashes will then be cleansed with an oil free make-up remover and then a primer will be applied.
3. Your bottom lashes need to be secured to protect them, using under eye patches which have the added benefit of moisturising the area leaving your eyes feeling fresh and replenished.
4. The silicone pad is cut to size, then applied to your eye lid using an easy remove adhesive.
5. Its then time to get your lashes lifted using the same adhesive your lashes are combed back on to the shield
6. The lifting solution is applied this will be left on for the time decided by the therapist during the consultation (whilst this is working your therapist will perform a relaxing head massage) and then remove the product
7. Now it’s time for the setting solution this will be applied for half the time of the previous solution and then removed
8. Nearly there just the tint to go, your bottom lashes will now be released and the tint applied. Tinting your lashes enhances them further.
9. Nourishing solution is used to condition your lashes and help remove them from the shield.
10. It’s time for the finished result!

Is it better than eyelash extensions?
A lot of people love both and they are very different treatments, Lash Lifting and tinting gives a completely natural effect it also straightens lashes out giving the illusion of more lashes, lash lifts usually cost less than extensions and last longer with no maintenance. Lash lifts are perfect for holidays because they are fuss free no need to worry about them when sunbathing and swimming.

The first 24 hours after a lash lift is the most crucial, you cannot get them wet, avoid steam any forms of humidity and no eye makeup also try and not touch them. (sweating in the gym counts so please bare this in mind when booking your treatment) but apart from the first 24 hours there is hardly any maintenance required.
Lash lifts last six to eight weeks and we recommended to get them redone six weeks onwards so no to damage your lashes, you can have your lashes tinted half way through if you feel the tint is fading.

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