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6th November 2017

Free Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage for Course Bookings

The Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits of massage here are few that we think are important to keep a healthy mind and body:

• Alleviate back pain and improve range of motion (relives tension in the muscles and stretches the muscles as they are worked over to improve flexibility)
• Recover from workouts for any level of athletes (massage for athletes is as important as eating healthy as this helps to keep your body working to its full ability by repairing the muscles faster)
• Improve the condition of the skin (oils will help the skin feel soft and supple try keep the oil on for a few hours after your massage to get the full effect)
• Help to lessen depression and anxiety (leaves body and mind feeling relaxed/uplifted depending on which type of massage Is used aromatherapy massage would be perfect)
• Massage releases endorphins- amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller helping to ease medication dependence
• Enhance sleep quality relaxes mind and body different oils can be used to act as natural sedative
• Increase circulation (can help with the appearance of cellulite, water retention, bad circulation cold hands and feet)
• Helps to improve immune system (therefore you should drink plenty of water after a massage to help flush the toxins)
• Relax tired and overused muscles, massage is crucial to repair and rebuild muscles.
• Aids weight loss along with all the above massage plays a big part in weight loss as a maintenance treatment)

Like exercise, massage does more for you the more regularly you engage in it. We recommend monthly treatments and advise booking a course of massages is most beneficial for the body and bank balance as the cost of treatments are slightly reduced. Each massage will be tailored to your month by month needs as these may differ. For example, ifwork is extra stressful a more soothing massage to promote sleep and relaxation is more suitable, or if you may have a big event coming up that you are training for your muscles might need extra help to recover and a deep tissue massage would be more advisable.

Throughout November we are offering a free Back neck and shoulder massage for any course booking!

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