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4th July 2018

12 week training habits

With the sudden surge of hot weather, our summer wardrobes are out in full force and the beer gardens are looking very appetising so staying in shape around this time becomes extremely hard! here are a few tips to stick by to ensure you will lose that unwanted weight or fat!
You need to break your current bad routines, It’s well known that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 4 weeks to see an improvement but 12 weeks as good goal setting bench mark so that the weight (fat) doesn’t just pop back… lets get going!!

• Set yourself a goal! This is important however small, set a time limit as to when you want to reach your first step this can be an ideal weight, dress size, fitness goal or just loose a few inches off your waist. Be careful to not give yourself an unreachable goal as you will lose faith and most cases will give up! As soon as your mind and body become disconnected you will not see the results you want.

• Speak to one of our fitness trainers they can show you the correct form for your exercises. This is extremely important, especially when doing any sort of weight training so to not get injured. A trainer can help you set a goal and write a plan up so you can carry this on whilst training solo. Also find the best training method to suit you to get the most from each session.

• Diet, the bit about losing weight no one wants to do! Eating well contributes massively to health and wellness making slight changes like eating broccoli or other brassicas each day as these are fat burning veg that speeds up your metabolism. They are the most powerful superfood! So, with properties like that why would you not want to eat them? We also advise to change your afternoon snacks for Almonds again speeding up your metabolism, they are also a healthy fat. Eat, little and often, never get to hungry as you tend to make bad decisions and overeat! Three balanced meals and two healthy snacks per day is our recommended portions.

• Carbs are so misunderstood as most people will say they are cutting them out to lose weight when in fact you need them as part of a balance diet. Some easy swaps that you can do straight away is potatoes for sweet potatoes and white rice for Quinoa.

• Let’s talk alcohol… well now this can be one of the hardest thing to avoid as its just everywhere and social events usually involve it, it’s easy to forget how many calories are in a few glasses of white wine when in fact a few wines a night can have the same amount of sugar as eating cake! (a small glass of white wine contains up to six teaspoons of sugar) so how can you avoid it? Well the good answer is you can change to alcoholic drinks that are less fattening such as Gin & Tonic, Vodka & Tonic or if you drink red wine this can actually have some benefits (contains a nutrient called resevratol which has fat burning properties) but only if you stick to the recommended amount of one small glass.

• Drink plenty of water! Did you know water makes you feel fuller while taking in less calories. Along with all its other health benefits you will just feel and look better.

So remember it’s not a race to the finish line but when you reach your goal, whatever you set it to, you will feel amazing and it will be definitely worth it. Keep going and believe in yourself! Not currently a member of a gym? we are offering 25% off membership (T&C’s apply) till the 15th July to get you on your way!

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